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Few days ago we had discussed about Dragon City, do you remember it? We had told you that we could not catch these top fellows that how exactly are they cheating but to our surprise, someone immediately reported us about certain kind of scripts being used by these top guys. They told us how this is a top secret and is being circulated only among the top guys for a large sum of money. The hack has some sort of activation code for the game and it cannot be used by just anyone. Activation code can only be activated once and it will only work for a particular IP. Very smart, this way the owner of the script can control how many pieces he sells and who he sells to.

Dragon City as you know is a fantastic strategy game that involves a lot of dragons and their strengths and weaknesses to be exploited by the players. The main aspect of the game is to win battles and for winning you need strong dragons. The only possible way to get these strong dragons is by breeding and spending long time but to bypass this, some folks are using some of these hacking software type things. The one that was reported to us yesterday was some dragon city food hack which promises to deliver food for free into people’s accounts directly. The funny aspect is that you don’t even require to download anything, it all works online and instantly.

Now we are blazing our guns on another game of similar type called monster legends. Monster Legends is a game that involves monsters and here too monsters are bred in the breeding hut. Monsters are fantastic and cute creatures that people are in love with. This is a very popular game as well with millions of players playing actively everyday. The main concept of this game is to win battles in the adventure map as well as in the battle arena. A fun aspect of the game is that you can also battle your friends anytime and this concept is what is leading to cheating. In order to beat friends, people are resorting to unnatural progressing in the game. We checked out this in details yesterday and we managed to find this monster legends gold hack that people are making use of lately. With lots of gold, it becomes very easy to progress in the game as you no longer have to collect gold all the time and you can build a lot of stuff without any trouble.

We request you to keep us informed about any such activity and we will highlight here.

Please Report Cheating In Dragon City Game has not yet been able to identify any kind of cheating in a very popular game called Dragon City. We are surprised at the fact that nobody yet has reported any kind of cheating that is going on in this game. We are surprised because we refuse to believe that this game is so clean that nobody is cheating here. That is why we are calling out to our readers to start tracking the top players of the game and see how quickly they are managing these important stuff in the game and compare it with the amount of money they are spending and automatically with these data we can find out that people are cheating or not. Now we are quite excited to track these data and we will know for sure. So far whichever game we have tried to identify has shown to us that someone or the other is doing something out there.

Life is not easy when it comes to many of these games and maybe that is why people are cheating to get to the top. Sometimes there is also peer pressure and one guy wants to show to his or her friend how great they are and thus they cheat and try to beat their best friends. Life is hard I agree but we don’t like when people cheat so we expose them. So friends we would like to inform you about the game first in case you have not heard about it.

What is Dragon City?

Dragon City is the most popular smart phone strategy game that can be played peacefully and also aggressively.

How many players in dragon city?

There are millions of players playing the game actively, almost 50 million downloads reported in Google PlayStore. There would be more in Apple phones.

Important Concept Of The Game

The most important concept of the game is to get as many strong dragons like your Legendary and Rare Hybrids. You can only achieve these kinds of dragons by breeding the right type of dragons. Once you breed the right dragons and also get lucky, you will hatch a legendary baby dragon. If the game really interests you then you must try and learn about correct breeding combinations. Check out this how to breed in dragon city guide website for further knowledge on this topic.

Where to Report If You Spot Cheating?

Just comment below in this article if you spot any kind of cheating in the game. We are only looking for references about cheating so we are sure that what we believe that all popular games see cheating happening is true. So far this has not been validated as nobody has reported any kind of wrongdoing in a game like dragon city to us yet. So we are quite hopeful that you will help us validate our belief.

New Cheating Spotted Yesterday

Hi friends, we received an anonymous email yesterday and they suggested to us that some kind of cheating has been going on. As we have already said that cheating is not a great thing to do, yet people continue to do. I am surprised that people are actually NOT listening to us and going with their traditional wrong views that cheating is okay to do. So we are compelled to report this cheating that was told to us by an anonymous guy over the email. Cheating has been sighted at the following games yesterday:

Hill Climb Racing – This is a really fun game to play, actually in this game you get to drive a car or ride a bike in various maps and terrains. There are vehicle upgrades too that needs to happen but with in game coins. Hill Climb Racing is a great game where you get all kinds of challenging maps and you have to drive safely and cross these maps. What is funny is that till date we have not been able to complete a single map, but we continue to try. An interesting thing is that, we have a fully unlocked game with unlimited coins but still we are not able to finish the game. You are free to try this hill climb racing game hack but we are damn sure that you too wont be able to complete a single map, it is just that challenging.

Subway Surfers – This is another fun game to play, specially when you are bored. If you are bored and don’t know where to go or how to go about it, then you better hurry up and play this endless running game. This is a game that is designed for passing your time by running around the train yards. In this game the motive is simple, you have to run and collect coins while protecting yourself from oncoming trains and saving yourself from the police man and his dog. If you hit the trains you halt and the police catches you. Remember that the police is perfect and is not going to make any mistake, so it is up to you that how long can you last without making a mistake. There are various upgrades and special support items that you can buy if you have lots of coins. Try this subway surfers game hack if you are lazy to collect tons of coins yourself. Now get fully unlocked game with unlimited coins and keys.

No Cheating Please

We play games to have fun and cheating does not make it fun. A good game gives you a real challenge in life and that challenge is what makes it very interesting and fun to play. The point of cheating is that you take away that challenge, that hard work that is required to collect lots of coins or any other in game currency. If you take away the most important part of the game, then what is left of it? Nothing. It becomes a total waste to play the game any more.

8 Ball Pool is a fantastic game that can be played on a smart phone as well on desktop using Facebook. Some cheating has been reported in this game recently and due to that we have to cover it in our blog now. Some people are making use of online 8 ball pool hack software which can literally offer players unlimited coins almost instantly to their account in matter of seconds. It is crazy, literally crazy that people are cheating like this. We don’t like it and we don’t support it. We take it as our mission to expose cheats like this. Basically 8 ball pool is a game similar to the real Pool Game which you play on a pool table with 8 balls. This is the exact same game that is being played online.

Pixel Gun 3D is a fantastic war action based shooting game that can be enjoyed and played with other players across the world. Just like Clash Royale where you can fight enemies from across the world, here too you get to shoot other players. It is the most interesting multiplayer shooting game that can be played anytime anywhere. You get to buy guns using in game coins that you get for winning wars. After getting your own choice of guns, weapons, you can attack like crazy and defeat all your enemies. But sadly here too people are making use of some kind of online pixel gun 3d hack software that can defeat the whole purpose of the game.

There are many other games too where cheating is being reported and we make it our mission to report to you people. We report so that it makes it easy for people to identify the games where problems are being reported and you can understand what and why you are not winning against some players.

Cheating Identified Again Today!

Hi friends, as you know we think it is our job to identify all kinds of malpractices that are going on when it comes to playing games. We believe that this is the best way we are going to serve the gaming community. Now let us speak about two games that belong to this category. It is fun at times to identify such kinds of games where people find cheats. Games like Clash Royale, new kid to hit the block is also reported some cheating, we may cover it next week.

Pou: Pou is one of the games that is best played without any kind of cheating. It is a virtual pet game where people are asked to enjoy and have a good time with their pet. For their fun and interaction with people, users get coins. But then people are resorting to tactics to get unlimited coins using some kind of best hack for pou or some other softwares lately. This game is best played under circumstances when you play it fair and square.

Clash of Clans: We have yet again identified that people have resorted to some kind of cheating around this game. This is one such game where millions of users are playing it everyday and it has been observed that highest amount of cheating goes on here. Life is all about fun but people resort to such kinds of things is not fun at all. Please don’t cheat guys. Don’t use these free clash clans gems softwares and ruin the fun that the game wants to give to you. Remember that a game is best played and enjoyed when you play it fair and square.

Gaming world has seen all kinds of things but the worst part is cheating. We identify such practices and report to people. We tell you when something unfair is happening. Many honest players often find it tough to win games because someone else or one against him or her is cheating. Life is not fair when one cheats and the other person is being honest. We want to catch these cheaters and expose them and make sure that they are banned from the game for their lifetime. We don’t want people who cheat, it is not fun. It is a bad experience.

Don’t Cheat With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Here at Cheats Find dot com, we always try to talk about various types of cheating that goes on in this world. Today we are going to discuss about cheating in a relationship and why you should not do it. I have never understood the concept of cheating. Let us see all these things in detail below:

What is cheating?

Cheating in a relationship is nothing but having an intimate relation with someone other than the person you are actually in a relationship with. Cheating is bad and we don’t support it at any cost.

Why Cheating?

We tried to find the concept behind cheating. People who are unhappy with their relationship end up cheating. They say they are not happy with their girlfriend and would like to try some other girl. Some people think cheating is okay, so they cheat and sleep with others while keeping their relationship partner in the dark. Some people cheat because they gave in to the urge and could not control their desires. They were at a party and a very hot girl seduced him and he did it with her. At that time the urge took over the mind and thoughts that he already has a girlfriend.

What should you actually do in life?

You should always think about your relationship and your love partner. You should say sweet and cute things to your boyfriend/girlfriend just like some of the things that are mentioned at the website We believe that there is a reason why you on the first place must have entered into a relationship. You should think about why you love your boyfriend or girlfriend and why you should continue to love her. Saying nice things to your partner from time to time will keep the love and spark alive and also keep you remembering how and why you fell in love with them.

We want you to think about what will happen when they find out that you have cheated. There will be huge problems in your relationship life when they come to know about the kind of act you have done. A simple concept would be to think about all of these before you give in to the urge of cheating. No matter how handsome he is or how hot she is, keep a photo of your relationship partner inside your wallet or in your phone, look at them and then decide if you want to continue towards the bed with a new person. I suggest to go back home to your partner and kiss them instead of kissing a total stranger.

New Ways To Cheat In Smart Phone Games

Today we are going to look at some of the latest technology that is being used in cheating in these new age smart phone games. The recent trend in this space is new age hacks and generators which are propping up all over the internet. Most of these generators will take your username or email address and then add unlimited coins or amount you choose to your game. This way a player avoids playing the game for countless hours and within minutes they get unlimited coins or gems to buy anything in the game. This gives a lot of advantage to these players as they can instantly unlock the best vehicles or powers and features which helps them get ahead in the game of people who have limited coins. Let us look at some of the games now where cheats are available on the internet.

The first game that comes to our mind is monster legends. It is a strategy game where you breed and grow different kinds of monsters and make them fight for you in adventure map and battle arena. Your job is to breed strong monsters and get rid of weak monsters. You can only have limited number of monsters per given level of the account. So make sure you get strong monsters and destroy weak ones. Why Strong Monsters? Because you have to fight with enemies, computer or real players and you have to win. You can learn how to breed monster legends to get legendary monsters on the internet. Go get started!

Clash of Clans is another great strategy game that must be dealt with care. It is a great game to play for those who love waging wars. Clash of Clans is a game where you build troops and send them out on war. It is a fun game where cheating is rampant. In this strategy game where you struggle to build your army base and have a bigger struggle in upgrading your troop levels, free gems are helping some people escape the net of playing countless hours to achieve such things.

Play Station and Xbox Live are two biggest gaming consoles in this world and their membership codes are freely available on the internet. Do a search for free codes for PS or XBL and you will find a dozen sites giving away free codes to people. Imagine the extent of this rout. These days kids want everything free and at their fingertips instantly, no need to put effort even in a game. A game is supposed to be played for fun, for a challenge. What is the point of unlocking everything in a minute? Where is the fun or a challenge in that? Just show off?

We hope our articles help someone at least, if not those greedy kids : )

Do You Cheat While Playing Games On Xbox One?

There is no kidding that nowadays all the games, even the ones played live on Xbox One that are being developed, someone develops a cheats software or a bug for that particular game. There is extensive demand for cheats software for almost every popular game. There will always be some dull kids who will fail to cross particular levels in a game and instead of being a sport and trying hard, they look for easy ways out and cheating. We firmly believe that cheating destroys the fun aspect of the game as then people cross levels or difficulties in just a few clicks. Why play if you want to do finish off the game with a few clicks only?

What games are we talking about and where can we buy them?

The games we are talking about here are the most famous ones which will attract a serious amount of players and only then will there be a demand to buy off the cheating software. A game where there are only a few players, there would not be any demand for cheating software or will mostly go unheard. You can buy cheap games over at this store. We usually shop there because they are offering the games at a relatively lower cost.

Some of the Xbox One games that manage to attract some serious amount of cheating are games like Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, FIFA franchise, Metal Gear Solid, IGI, Assassin Creed etc.

Many of these games are developed by top game developers of all time who are able to sell a million copies plus in no time. Call of Duty for example has already sold games worth billions of dollars. They also build one of the most difficult game. With more than a million players on a difficult game, it is bound to attract some cheating software. No wonder there are like 10 cheats available in the market to purchase.

Even one of the easier games, but very famous, Assassins Creed franchise has attracted a lot of cheats. I am truly amazed because I myself have played all their games and it is not at all hard. I’m astonished at the quality of game play that is being displayed by young kids these days.

Is Cheating Prevalent on Live Multiplayer Gaming?

Of course it is. We have been playing games live on our Xbox One using free xbl codes and we find that a lot of the above mentioned games are being cheated using some sort of code generators or other such software. The basic problem of these software generators is that they give undue advantage to these cheaters and that is very unfair to players who play without cheating. A game is supposed to be fun and cheating makes it not fun at all. Xbox One has not been doing much to make the game play clean and interesting. Xbox company is more busy in selling more Xbox consoles and competing with PS4 than fixing the game play experience. But that is the case with PS4 also. Most of these companies want to SELL but not IMPROVE the experience.

Cheating By Car Companies: Should You Still Buy Cars?

There has been a lot of discussion about whether to buy a car or not in a big city like New York. New York is one of the most populated and chaotic city of United States of America. New York attracts huge migratory population and the attracted population is young and has a lot of dreams. The first thing they all are doing as they get money is buying cars. I don’t understand why everyone wishes to buy a car rather save money for their future. Buying a car in debt is not the brightest decision is it?

Now we heard about cheating by car companies like Volkswagon. These people cannot even manufacture cars properly and fudge records to meet norms and save money which is required to invest in newer required technologies. Do you want to buy cars from these cheating companies in a city where there is already a lot of chaos and problem? Why buy cars and put money into these people who cheat us with false data?

The solution:

Our advice to people is to stop buying cars in these big cities as you are not doing yourself any favour by purchasing a car. You are only going to increase the traffic problem on the roads and then blame the traffic for reaching your destination late, for the stress driving will give you. Buying a luxury car in debt makes no sense when you can rent the same car from a service company with ease.

Yes, our solution is to use a car rental service instead of buying own car if you stay in a large city. We recently used a free service of Limo NJ, it was an amazing experience and their prices were quite reasonable too. The general idea of this service is, they have signed up partnership with all the Limo providers in New York and they send your Limo request at the backend to these partners. Their partners then take your request and send you their best quotes as per the request. Once you get their message, you can simply select the one you wish to and a limo will come to your door step soon. It is a very simple and free service that completes all the work in matter of minutes.

We advice to try out this service and if things are okay, drop your luxury car buying plans. Enjoy the luxury travel experience at very small price.